Apr 7, 2006
Winners of Docaviv competition
Israeli, Iternational and student Winners
Best Israeli Award
The best Israeli award goes to "Souvenirs" by Shahar Cohen and Halil Efrat.
Out of simple, basic family materials, the directors and their orchestrated team succeeded in creating a touching complex road-movie. "Souvenirs" wisely combines a sensitive and humorous glance into a father and son relationship with the personal research into lost moments of glory on the World War II scene.  
Includes 60,000 nis this year which is combined from 40,000 courtesy of the Ministry of Education Culture & Sport - The Israel Film Council, distribution and marketing services in the worth of 10,000 nis, courtesy of Ruth Diskin LTD. Marketing & Distribution, soundtrack Editing services in the worth of 1,500$ courtesy of   DB Post Production and translation services at the worth of 600$  courtesy of CINEMATYP Studios
Mayor of Tel-Aviv Yafo Award -
The Mayor of Tel-Aviv Jaffa award goes to "The Cemetery Club" by Tali Shemesh. The director draws the delicate portrait of the tense relationship between her reticent grandmother and her dominant great aunt. The regular meetings of the two women with other old people in a culture club serve as the rich backdrop and add a historical dimension and a philosophical depth that reflects essential questions of life, aging and death. "The Cemetery Club" is a touching and multi-layered documentary that converts with a great sense of humor and at the same time keeps the dignity of the profound yet eccentric group of survivors.     
Courtesy of the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa at the sum of 30,000$
Editing Award
The jury gives the editing award to Noit Geva for the skill in distilling 30 years of footage to make a telling portrait of the anti-established lifestyle of the three main protagonists in "The Beach Boys". The documentary effectively interweaves the characters mutually shared obsession, reveling a deeper importance beneath the womanizing enacted out on a Tel-Aviv beach. The editing juxtaposes multiple shoots from the whole movie footage of playful beach flirtations to create a larger picture of the desire to escape time, responsibility, and worldly concerns.
The beach boys proves that a film can be created from original source material by a skillful editor even if it has been shoot without a clear concept and story
10,000$ courtesy of the  Ministry of Education Culture & Sport - The Israel Film Council, 2,500$ worth of Editing services courtesy of Tel-Aviv Studios.
Photography Award
The best cinematography award goes to Shark (Sharon) De-Mayo for "The Cemetery Club" the film specifically uses Telephoto lenses to magnify the relations among the elderly protagonist and to highlight unique moments which can only be expressed through cinematic language. The film creates a dialog between history and the present by capturing fragile moments in the lovely old faces.
10,000$ courtesy of the  Ministry of Education Culture & Sport - The Israel Film Council, 2,500$ worth of photography rental equipment courtesy of On-Air.
Special  Mention 
The members of the jury decided to give a special mention to "First Lesson in Peace" by Yoram Honig. With both tender care and professional know-how the director managed to create a film which successfully portrays the complex subject of the love between a father and his daughter. The documentation of the microcosm of a classroom is a perfect metaphor for the Israeli reality.
Through out the film the director succeeded in balancing between his personal life and story and the social issue of the film. For all that and more we choose to commend him.
Best International Film award
sponsored by Josianne Tsvia Meitar 2,500$
"Sister in law" by Kim Longinotto and Florence Ayisi, UK 2005
After a very controversial and exciting debate, the international jury decided to give the best international film award to "Sister in law" For its perfect control in terms of shooting and editing in the pure tradition of cinema verite. For the vividness and great humanity of its characters. For its ability to establish the prevalence of justice in a phallocratic (male dominant) society for its successful attempt to shutter all the stereotypical concepts we have of Africa.
Special Mention -
The Special Mention goes to "In the Pit" by Juan Carlos Rulfo, Mecixo 2005.
1. For the strength of its esthetic choices: a very original and personal form, a skilful work on images and sound editing which compose through a kaleidoscopic puzzle an impressive and poetic urban symphony.
2. For the deep insight into the Mexican context of the subject and its universal message: our "developed" societies are caught in an absurd fate of perpetual growing, which leads us to the saturation of the living space and on increasing gap between the rich and poor, the human nobody's of our globalize world. Until when ? Where to ?  
Student Competition
First Prize "Jonathan"
The unanimous decision of the jury is to award the first prize to "Jonathan" by Adi Helman. Because in many ways we feel it is a perfect film. It is a sensitive portrayal of a 4 year old boy his dreams and also his conflicts.
The director camera still is so intimate that we are allowed to enter Jonathan private world and like him we hope the fantasy never ends. We thank the director for the disarming simplicity of her approach and for introducing us for the magic of Jonathan. 
Second Prize "Brothers by Blood"
The second prize goes to "Brothers by Blood" by Manara Nivron for the courage and honesty of the director to take herself, her family and the audience on such a personal and ultimately painful journey. The result is a moving and powerful film that is skillfully crafted on every level. 
Special Mention "Veterans"
We award the special jury mention to the film "Veterans" by Tanya Aizikovich, because of its humanity, its sensitive direction, intimate camera work and gentle editing that allows the audience to feel very close to the Veterans that we have the honor to meet in this film.
The Awards Sponsored by
F.P.A.D - Films, TV Formats
"Massa Acher"

Apr 1, 2006
Screenings of the winner
Screenings add to the festival
Saturday 8.4
10:00   The Cemetery Club Mayor of Tel-
              Aviv Jaffa award
              Tali Shemesh, Israel  2006, 90 Min.
12:00    Jonathan First Prize at the Student
              Adi Helman, Israel, 145 Min
              Souvenirs Best Israeli Film Award
              Shahar Cohen, Halil Efrat, Israel 2006, 
              75 Min
14:00    Sister in Law Best International
               Kim Longinotto, Florence Ayisi, UK
               2005, 106 Min

Mar 31, 2006
Screenings Updates
Tali Fahima Crossing the Lines / Forced Maturity
The Films Tali Fahima Crossing the Lines and Forced Maturity will not be screened at the festival
since they are not ready
Chanushka will screen on Friday 7.4.06 at 14:00 and not as published.