Canada, 1995, 89 Min., Video, English and German, English Subtitles
This film is quite an exception to Weinsteins career. For the first time, he chose to concentrate uniquely on Kurt Weil''s music rather than attempt to investigate the course of his personal life. Music here is everything, it is the only means for understanding and interpretation. Weinstein gathered a group of contemporary musicians including Nick Cave, Lou Reed, P.J. Harvey, Elvis Costello and others, who provide unique and thrilling renditions of Weils works. The film redefines the boundaries of the Documentary genre - there are no interviews or dramatic reconstructions. The entire film takes place in one location: an abandoned industrial warehouse, transformed into a cabaret, a theatre, a museum and concert hall,  ncompassing all of Weils work without saying anything explicit about it. The most basic biographic details are presented in an innovative and original manner. In this film Weinstein tries to recreate the Kurt Weill sensation, that decadent and dark chill of "Mackie the Knife" and the  onging for inaccessible and awesome worlds.
Director: Larry Weinstein
Producer: Niv Fichman, Larry Weinstein
Cinematography: Horst Zeidler
Editor: David New
Cinematheque 2, 31/03/2006, 15:30
Tel-Aviv Museum, 01/04/2006, 17:30
Cinematheque 1, 04/04/2006, 22:00
Cinematheque 1, 06/04/2006, 24:00